In a million years I would have never expected to live this long... But as with every new day comes heartbreak and opportunity. I was born in Torrance California 1986. To two humble Immigrants, who lived in a small garage out back, I slept on a hammock, attached to the roof. From a young age I saw art in everything. My first friends were the faces off the walls. As a kid we moved around a lot, up and down California. The family got bigger and we got older. Art was always present. I would draw on the walls, on any piece of paper, using a stick in the sand I could translate emotions into images. I find beauty in imperfections. No two lines are the same. No two days are alike. History was made by average/extraordinary men and women seeking a change. I want my art to change in front of your very eyes. Fallow a line and see where it connects. Know this!!.. that tho our lives may seem very very different, for whatever reason you are here.!? today! reading this ..... This very moment our paths have connected, and this not ends it. For this journey, has now begun!! - After Maze


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